ACM SIGMOD Seattle, USA, 2023
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PODS 2023: Accepted Papers

  • Synthesizing nested relational queries from implicit specifications
    Michael Benedikt, Cécilia Pradic and Christoph Wernhard
  • Static Analysis of Graph Database Transformations
    Sławek Staworko, Iovka Boneva, Benoit Groz, Jan Hidders and Filip Murlak
  • Extremal Fitting Problems for Conjunctive Queries
    Balder Ten Cate, Victor Dalmau, Maurice Funk and Carsten Lutz
  • Generative Datalog with Stable Negation
    Mario Alviano, Matthias Lanzinger, Michael Morak and Andreas Pieris
  • Distributed Consistency Beyond Queries
    Tim Baccaert and Bas Ketsman
  • Quantifying the Loss of Acyclic Join Dependencies
    Batya Kenig and Nir Weinberger
  • Bounded Treewidth and the Infinite Core Chase -- Complications and Workarounds toward Decidable Querying
    Jean-François Baget, Marie-Laure Mugnier and Sebastian Rudolph
  • Querying Incomplete Numerical Data: Between Certain and Possibile Answers
    Marco Console, Leonid Libkin and Liat Peterfreund
  • SQL Nulls and Two-Valued Logic
    Leonid Libkin and Liat Peterfreund
  • GPC: A Pattern Calculus for Property Graphs
    Nadime Francis, Amelie Gheerbrant, Paolo Guagliardo, Leonid Libkin, Victor Marsault, Wim Martens, Filip Murlak, Liat Peterfreund, Alexandra Rogova and Domagoj Vrgoc
  • Indexing for Keyword Search with Structured Constraints
    Shangqi Lu and Yufei Tao
  • Conjunctive Regular Path Queries under Injective Semantics
    Diego Figueira and Miguel Romero
  • Differentially Private Data Release over Multiple Tables
    Badih Ghazi, Xiao Hu, Ravi Kumar and Pasin Manurangsi
  • On Optimal Join Sampling and the Hardness of Output-Sensitive Join Algorithms
    Shiyuan Deng, Shangqi Lu and Yufei Tao
  • Conjunctive Queries With Self-Joins, Towards a Fine-Grained Complexity Analysis
    Nofar Carmeli and Luc Segoufin
  • Towards Better Bounds for Finding Quasi-Identifiers
    Hoa Vu, Quoc-Tung Le, Duy-Hoang Ta and Ryan Hildebrant
  • Universal Private Estimators
    Wei Dong and Ke Yi
  • Efficient Computation of Quantiles over Joins
    Nikolaos Tziavelis, Nofar Carmeli, Wolfgang Gatterbauer, Benny Kimelfeld and Mirek Riedewald
  • Node-Differentially Private Estimation of the Number of Connected Components
    Iden Kalemaj, Sofya Raskhodnikova, Adam Smith and Charalampos Tsourakakis
  • Allocating Isolation Levels to Transactions in a Multiversion Setting
    Brecht Vandevoort, Bas Ketsman and Frank Neven
  • Better Differentially Private Approximate Histograms and Heavy Hitters using the Misra-Gries Sketch
    Christian Lebeda and Jakub Tetek
  • Optimal Uncoordinated Unique IDs
    Peter Dillinger, Martin Farach-Colton, Guido Tagliavini and Stefan Walzer
  • Space-Time Tradeoffs for Conjunctive Queries with Access Patterns
    Hangdong Zhao, Shaleen Deep and Paraschos Koutris
  • Guaranteeing the O(AGM/OUT) Runtime for Uniform Sampling and Size Estimation over Joins
    Kyoungmin Kim, Jaehyun Ha, George Fletcher and Wook-Shin Han
  • Probabilistic Query Evaluation: the Combined FPRAS Landscape
    Timothy van Bremen and Kuldeep S. Meel
  • Set Cover in the One-pass Edge-arrival Streaming Model
    Sanjeev Khanna, Christian Konrad and Cezar Alexandru
  • Weighted Minwise Hashing Beats Linear Sketching for Inner Product Estimation
    Aline Bessa, Majid Daliri, Juliana Freire, Cameron Musco, Christopher Musco, Aécio Santos and Haoxiang Zhang
  • Better Cardinality Estimators for HyperLogLog, PCSA, and Beyond
    Seth Pettie and Dingyu Wang
  • Coloring in Graph Streams via Deterministic and Adversarially Robust Algorithms
    Sepehr Assadi, Amit Chakrabarti, Prantar Ghosh and Manuel Stoeckl

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